Christmas time in London is very special, but I think this year London has outdone itself. I’ve never seen this city as Christmassy, it’s almost all the restaurants and stores decorated themselves making sure they are all ready for the sparkliest time of the year. 

Sketch is one of the most well-known restaurants in London, not only because of the quality of its cuisine but also because its gorgeous decor and of course famous egg shaped toilets. This year, however, they took one step further and redecorated their famous toilets for Christmas. Having seen this all over social media, and wanting to check out their Afternoon Tea for a very long time, I decided to visit the gorgeous pink room, aka The Gallery, and see what’s it all about!

David Shrigley’s mind blowing art pieces decorates the walls of the famous pink room, hence the name. Once you step in, everything about this place blows your mind.

Below is the starter of the Afternoon tea, exclusive caviar that has come from Russia, and eggs and soldiers. However, it isn’t your typical eggs and soldiers, it is with béchamel. And I swear, it was the best eggs and soldiers I have had in my entire life. 
Caviar & eggs and soldiers

The Afternoon tea continued with some delicious cakes such as passion fruit cheesecake, marshmallows and sandwiches such as salmon and Sketch’s take on the British classic, aka Queen’s favourite sandwiches, cucumber sandwich.

Afternoon Tea at Sketch

And below are my absolute favourites, homemade scones. Oh, and the good thing about Sketch is that they actually ask you whether you prefer plain scones and/or raisin scones. Being a huge fan of plain scones, this was a lovely touch for me, as I always leave the raisin ones, and wish I have more plain ones.

The mouth watering plain scones
The gorgeous pink room

And the famous egg shaped bathroom’s Christmas version. Of course being an influencer myself I couldn’t help myself but take a selfie here!

Wrapped up egg shaped toilets! 

Overall, it was an incredible experience! I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates delicious food and gorgeous interiors. I’d definitely be going back!

You can book your table here.