I was so beyond the moon when I heard that The Blogger Programme is taking us to New York! Having studied there couple of years ago, I had nothing but good memories there and couldn’t wait to add even better ones!
On the day of our travel, we met at the lounge of United Airlines in Heathrow, once I see my influencer family, I already knew it was going to be an incredible trip! United airlines’ lounge was actually great, and some of us had already started drinking mimosas! I remember looking at the amount of food choices and getting even hungrier. And considering we had a 7 hour flight, meant that I could eat as much as I want!
Once we got on the plane, we found that me and Massiel were actually sitting next to each other. I wasn’t feeling tired at all and knowing she can never sleep on the planes, I knew it was going to be a fun journey. We picked couple of movies along the way, had couple of drinks and talked about boys. Before we even knew, we were already in New York!
I could already feel that it was going to be an incredible trip. We got on to our Uber’s and went straight to our hotel in Hoboken. Hoboken is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States, and has the most gorgeous view of Manhattan.
There was a bit of an heavy traffic and it was pouring it down, so I was quite glad to have arrived to our hotel, which is perched on the waterfront, right across the river from Manhattan, W Hoboken. The ambiance of the whole lobby was gorgeous. However, things got even better once we checked in to our rooms, as the view left us speechless.
After being left speechless in front of this view for half an hour, me and Massiel were ready to explore the city and decided to head to Manhattan. We both realised how much we miss the city, and even though it was pouring down (and I hate the rain) we actually had a lovely night stroll followed by a trip to CVS.
The next morning, I was very happy to see the sun up in the clear skies and excited for our very packed day. We had the loveliest breakfast at W Hoboken, read our magazines and newspapers in our gorgeous silky Figleaves pjs…
…and set off to our first activity the beauty masterclass by Artis Brush. We met the loveliest of girls and got educated about how to use their brushes. If you haven’t heard of them yet, let me sum it up: Artis brushes are the Rolex of brushes! Their secret is that they use Cosmefibre, which means that the brush is packed with up to 10 times more fibres than a regular brush. I didn’t know this and thought these brushes are only good for make up, but been told that they are equally amazing when it comes to moisturises.
Later on our agenda was the famous Rockafeller Centre, a true New York landmark. However, when we got there we were told that, to be able to go to top we needed to make another booking, and unfortunately for that day every slot until 19.30 was full. This is actually an important tip for anyone thinking of visiting Top of the Rock, as it needs a separate booking!
However, as the sun was up, this didn’t put a damper on my mood. I was super excited to be in the city after 2 years and just wanted to walk the whole Manhattan. Me and Massiel walked probably 15 km that day!
Later in the evening we met with the group for drinks at the rooftop of Mondrian Park Avenue. We all got Espresso Martinis, and yum they were just delicious especially when drank looking at the gorgeous view! Downstairs the famous hotel has a Mediterranean restaurant called Cleo. Set on the prominent corner of Park Avenue and 30th Street, Cleo New York brings a richly textured, Mediterranean dining experience to the heart of Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood. And, probably one of the best Mediterreanean cuisines I’ve been! The food was just out of this world. We tried everything on the menu, and with bite beat the other one.
The second day, I woke up feeling quite excited for the breakfast at W hoboken. We ordered French Toast and oh my!!!! I’m still drooling by just thinking about it. Just the perfect amount of crispiness.
That day was the day that we were going Top of the Rock and I could see how excited everyone was getting! We had a little bit of time prior to it, so decided to go to Brooklyn. Of course we had to walked the Brooklyn bridge and get a picture at Dumbo! There was a really cute cafe on the corner. I highly recommend anyone visiting that area to go there, super cosy and very pretty interiors.
Later on we met with the team to go to Top of the Rock, on the courtesy of NYCgo. That view just never gets old… I’ve also been on Empire State Building, however Top of the Rock is better because from here you can actually have a clearer view of the city plus you can see Empire State Building! With sweeping, unobstructed, views of both Central Park and Manhattan’s midtown and downtown skyscrapers, the view from Top of the Rock was truly breathtaking.
If you ask me where I’d like to live from the whole of Manhattan, I’d probably say West Village. I just love everything about that area. And SATC fans will know this but even though Carrie Bradshaw was living in Upper Eastside, her famous apartment is actually located in West Village and the address that comes up on google takes you to an empty lot! Anywho, being a huge fan of the area, we decided to give it a visit, and of course gorgeous Halloween decorations welcomed us.
Later that evening, we met with the team at Mr Purple, at the hotel Indigo. A lovely rooftop bar with great music and food! Funnily 2 years ago, this was the place we used to hang out with my friends from masters! So I had a lot of great memories already here. We ordered a lot of food here, and actually the food was as delicious as its cocktails.
The day after, sadly, was my last day in NYC. Me and David feeling super unhealthy on our trip and getting tempted by the delicious American food,  decided to go to Barry’s Bootcamp in the morning. After running our peaches off we met the team at Magic Hour Rooftop. We had the most delicious brunch there, which included avocado on toast, poached eggs, and a massive pancake with candy floss on top!
I want to thank The Blogger Programme, and especially Laurie and Becca,  for organising such an incredible trip. Don’t forget, you can become an influencer on the Blogger Programme platform by just signing up through here. And you can also join us on future trips!