Recently I have started seeing the name “Sqixi” more and more and decided to do a little bit of research.

Sqixi has been built to enable influencers to create more engaging content, build bugger audience and importantly share in all revenue generated by their followings on Sqixi.

All you need to do is to announce this on your platforms like Instagram and ask your followers to download Sqixi and follow you. It is very simple.

So what is Sqixi, let me explain it a little bit further. Sqixi is like an online magazine, where all the platforms are connected. You see all the images in full size, with all the full details, lighting etc. So it is visually very very pleasing. Just like Instagram there is a culture of hashtags, and you can search with using words. You can post articles on it, and due to the nature of the platform it is actually so much fun to read long text. You can link anything you want, like your platforms or affiliate links, and as it is very engaging to the audience, there’s a better likelihood of them clicking through.

And it doesn’t just stop there, the good thing for us influencers is that we get 30% of the revenue generated by our followers. As well as using Sqixi as the base platform to combine all the work we do for brands and ourselves, creating bigger and better engagement.

The above images are taken from Sqixi to show how beautiful the app has been developed. You can see what I meant by visually appealing, and it is very captivating and lets you read with ease.

I really can’t wait to use Sqixi, it will be a place where I store all my digital work and you guys can have a deeper understanding of my content hopefully! Can’t wait to share with you what I have in store!

Deniz x