How do I keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

Being a blogger and almost every month travelling to another country, flying 10-12 hours a month, may look good on insta, but is horrible for the health & skin.While doing my job, the most frequently asked question I get is. How do I keep my glow and still look youthful.

The answer is below:

  1. Healthy eating

Luckily we millennials are very lucky. We have access to healthy food wherever/ (almost) which ever country we go. The thing is: it’s not the abundance of it, the habitual factors are what stop us. That’s why from a very early age, I unplugged the “oh I’m so sad” and “food can make me feel happier”relevancy in my brain.

Yes of course I eat bad stuff, we all do. But it’s always controlled. I love my body and want to keep it healthy. Being healthy means you are more active and can work more productively. Truth is what you put into your body changes how you feel and look on the outside.

2.  Exercising three times a week – minimum

A friend of mine once sent me a Ted talk about the difference between successful people and normal people. It said something like: We all go through pain, what separates us is where we channel this pain into. Some people grow from the pain, some people get buried underneath it. Strong words, right?

So that’s what I do. Living in London can be quite claustrophobic. At least for a Mediterranean girl like me. What helps me is my simple horribly busy gym. You rock!

3. Vitamin Infusions

Okay guys, the below is literally my saviour. Yes I eat healthy, yes I do exercise. But there’s a thing called immune system, and lack of vitamins.

The Elixir Clinic is a luxurious Beauty and Anti-Ageing clinic specialising in Holistic health and is run by two beautiful and incredibly inspiring women, Mahi and Acaena. I am very lucky to have met one of them, Mahi, who is an awesome boss lady!

If you haven’t yet come across Vitamin Infusions then let me give you some background on them, you may have seen the likes of Cara Delevinge and Rihanna raving about them as they’re regular Vitamin Infusion addicts (and now I’m also a self confessed Vitamin Infusion addict too) but Vitamin Infusions gained there initial popularity with athletes looking to boost their athletic performance!

Important  Facts:

  • The body absorbs less than 15-30 percent of vitamins taken orally.
  • With IV therapy, absorption is 70-100 percent.
  • There’s very little pain, only when the needle is administered.
  • I felt a little heaviness in my arm during the treatment.
  • It’s vegan friendly (which is very important for me).
  • They use all-natural ingredients.

VitaDrip + IV  Laser Therapy

They have their Clinique in three top locations in London. I’ve visited the one on Wimpole Street. The whole experience while I was at the clinic has been incredible, the staff and the nurses were all very well informed, and you feel that you are at safe hands!

I got vitamin infusion (via VitaDrip) and the IV laser therapy treatment, which can be done at the same time. Intravenous (IV) laser therapy is the use of low-level infrared laser light that is directly applied to the bloodstream. This creates a deeper depth of tissue penetration that stimulates circulating blood and stem cells resulting in positive wellness benefits. We offer red and blue infrared laser light, each its own unique benefits (please see below).


Red Laser

  • Energising effects
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases cell activity
  • Regenerates damaged tissue structures
  • Improves blood circulation

Blue Laser

  • Improves microcirculation
  • Strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects
  • Accelerates healing of wounds
  • Supports pain relief
  • Activates anti-aging effects

My experience after the treatment

After the treatment I felt a little bit dizzy which lasted for about half an hour. Then I start feeling normal again. Only the next day, I realised how great I am feeling. My body felt amazing, very active. My mitochondria’s  were basically dancing out of happiness, and I felt like I have done a week’s worth of chores in a day! I basically felt like a super human! And since that day I did not get sick once (Which is incredible for me)!!

I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Of course, there is no quick fix or magic pill to feeling great but keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle plays a massive role on our inner and outer feel. How do you keep a balanced lifestyle? Let me know your thoughts!

Lots of love,