I absolutely love wearing skirts and dresses however, when temperature heats 10 degrees, wearing my beloved skirts used to become a problem.

Influenced by Kate Middleton’s impact on the sheer tights, I started reading more and more about them. However, never really found anything that is both comfy, and warm and that actually looks nice. I probably tried 9-10 various brands to no avail.

Then I came across Hedoine. They create fashion essentials for business women bored with conventional dress codes. Women that want to express their individuality, style and femininity through elegant clothing and accessories – starting with the biggest pain point: tights. Even reading these lines intrigued me!

And once I got my hands on them I realised how beautiful they are even more. First of all they are incredibly comfortable! By that I mean, they really feel like a second skin. You don’t have to pull it up like the most tights. They are also incredibly soft, like no other tights I’ve seen before.

I am sure you will agree, wearing tights can be very tricky. Hence, most of us just go with bare legs, which is not always ideal or elegant (depending on the occasion of course). So there have been couple of things that actually made me fall in love with Hedoine tights. For example, they are seamless, so you can wear it under any clothing very easily. They also have a shaping waistband. These two come in very handy when worn under a silky dresses or so. It actually took me so long to find flattering tights, I ended up not wearing any, even in cold winter, which is not ideal. But most and most importantly these tights do not ladder! Yes, you heard me right! I actually don’t remember how many tights I have wasted through the years because of this problem. I could only wear them twice at most times. So to me and I am sure to many of us, this is going to be a fantastic discovery that to be able to wear the same time more than twice (actually I have worn already more than 10 times the tights on the picture, and it looks just as good)!

Also hedoine tights have just launched more nude tones, making it super easy for almost every skin colour to find their shade. And they have a special code online just for Valentine’s day!

My Hedoine tights literally become my go to item. You’ll see me wearing it more and more on my channels as well. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough!