I have always been into gym and fashionable & comfy gym leggings. And I know the struggle behind trying to find one that fits you perfectly, makes your bum look nice but at the same time doesn’t squeeze every cell in your body. I won’t even mention the camel toe situation!!!!!

Due to all these reasons I have always played my game super safe, never left the sight of Nike or Lululemon until now.

River Island is god sent! They recently added a gym line to their brand and named it “RI Active” and it is the best thing ever! They have a great selection of products and the colours are simply gorgeous. Not boring typical colours, but soft pastels or bright reds! Finally leggings with mesh and colour!

Every time I am walking in them, I get compliments, and people are constantly asking me where I found these beauties. I literally live in them. It is incredibly comfortable and looks so fashionable. Plus it is almost 4 x cheaper than the companies we tend to go for.

These ones are my favourite ones from their gorgeous range.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

348046_d3fe4e14e2f04198a09813cf41be7a88mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2348046_47869438d84b4b628d8cbea902ddb473mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2Details, details, details <3