Le Lobby: A Gastronomic Journey

Located in the famous street Avenue Kleber, inside The Peninsula Hotel,  Le Lobby is the ultimate fine dining spot. Having heard some incredible reviews about this place, I went there to try their famous menu “Menu Du Marché”. The lobby looks like it’s jumped straight form the “Belle Epoque” era. Menu du Marché, literally meaning “Menu of the market” which offers an exciting array of fresh and local cuisine created by Head Chef Laurent Poitevin and his team using only the best ingredients. With salmon and hake being a personal favourite on mine I just had to try Le Lobby’s take on these two classics. Take at the photos below: Salmon with yogurt and chives, accompanied champagne, Bollinger Rosé Baked Hake, with beef ravioli base, accompanied white wine, Sancerre, Florés, Vincent Pinard Creme Brulé, accompanied desert wine, Ruster Auslese, 2009 Along with the soothing notes of this jazz trio, which was another reason why I…

How to Become an Influencer

A post for upcoming UK fashion/ lifestyle bloggers Hi guys, in this post I want to talk about how to become an influencer. When I first started I had no idea what to do or who to go, and google search didn’t seem to help either. I literally had to try every channel and every site, and go from there. I really wish there was a blog article or a YouTube video to show me the best way. After doing some research and my trial and error ways I have figured out some companies that are actually quite amazing for helping out fashion and lifestyle bloggers like myself. As I am based in the UK, this article will be relevant to UK bloggers most probably. The Blogger Programme This is a great website and definitely my favourite. Make sure you have signed up to it and check regularly. They upload…