I always had problems with my teeth, especially as a little kid. Through all of middle school I used braces. I remember how much I hate wearing them, but I had no choice. Couple of years later, probably during high school I actually had my teeth aligned. However, little did I know that our teeth are constantly changing and moving. When I thought I was completely over and done with teeth aligning and that I will have perfectly aligned teeth for the rest of my life, I couldn’t be further from the truth. I think I was around 22 when realised how misaligned my bottom teeth were, I was in utter shock. So for years and years, from that moment onwards, I struggled with how misaligned they were. And they did get worse through time because of my wisdom teeth. As they pushed them more and more they became more cramped in there. I remember every time I looked at myself at the mirror, I’d first see my bottom teeth and got more annoyed.

I was very disappointed as I know how expensive it’d be to get them fixed or to even find someone I can trust with the procedure. Plus at the time I was very busy with work and did not have the time to go to a clinic and get a consultation even. That’s when I came across Your Smile Direct. 

Your Smile Direct offers affordable teeth straightening aligners. Every customer receives several sets of custom, tight-fitting clear aligners to gradually shift their teeth into the desired position, a process that takes, on average, 20 weeks. The best part is that Your Smile Direct invisible aligners are much cheaper than the price of other teeth straightening options. I was beyond happy, and couldn’t wait to give this a go!

Remember I said above that I didn’t have the time to visit a clinic, Your Smile Direct got this under control as well. While Your Smile Direct removes the hassle of in-office visits. Once you decide that you want to go ahead with YSD, you have two options; either to go to a clinic and book a scan or order a home smile kit! A home smile kit is easy-to-follow Impression kit. All you have to do is to send back your dental impressions to the expert dental team and your invisible braces will be sent to you. It’s that simple!

My experience:

As I mentioned above, they first need to build a 3D image of your teeth. That’s why before I started my treatment I was given two options, either to go to a clinic and get a scan or get sent the kit and do it at home where they could build the impressions from. I opted for the second option. 

The kit was super easy to follow, they made everything very clear, and all I had to do is to take 2 minutes of my time and read the manual. Then I sent the kit to my assigned dental team.

The result then was viewed by a licensed dentist who was with time till the end of my YSD journey.

The second step was that they sent me a digital copy of my newly aligned teeth, transforming from how they were to how they would be. After this I got the aligners sent. I remember the box, it was perfectly packed with full of aligners. In fact, I had 8 different aligners to be changed every 2 weeks. Hence my treatment lasted for about 4 months. Everything was very well explained, there was a booklet, the information of my dentist, everything was there. You can actually have a look here, and see it yourself!

The four months passed very quickly to be honest and I never had an issue, problem or question even. I’m now at the end of my YSD journey, and couldn’t have been happier. The whole process wasn’t only easy but pain free as well. I was super excited every 2 weeks to change my aligners, move on to a next one and see the change!

Now I ordered my final retainers to wear them every night to make sure my teeth won’t move again. Definitely learning from the last! 

Overall I can’t recommend enough this whole treatment. You can check whether you are a suitable for clear bracelets by doing a 30 second, free smile assessment . The other good thing is they have a financing option, where you can pay month by month, which shocking your bank balance! If you are like the old me and your teeth are bothering you, this journey is for you too!