I am not going to lie, getting closer to 30 is scaring me. After 25, I’ve definitely started to see the changes on my skin. I ask myself the paradoxical question though, do I see the change more because I am paying more attention to it, or I am paying more attention to it, as my skin is bothering me more?

Normal healthy skin has a nice epidermis with a smooth cornified, or outer, layer that acts as a good barrier to water and environmental injury. Skin color and tone is even and unblemished. Components such as collagen (which provides skin firmness), elastin (which supplies skin elasticity and rebound) and glycosaminoglycans or GAGs (which keep the skin hydrated) are all abundant. However, science tells us, after the tender age of 20 our skin starts producing 1% less collagen each year. Let alone all the pollution out there, and good luck if you are smoking and drinking!

This news discouraged me a little bit but what can I do… I started reading, and researching on how to protect my skin while I can. I read that is it i

So I decided to take control and change this not so good route. So I did a lot of research, I’ve spoken with lots of beauty lovers, professionals, and came up with a combination of my own.