Let’s first understand the basics

We all know that bacterias are good in the food by now right? I believe most of us know now that fermented products, yogurt with live bacterias and so on are good for our digestive systems, which helps with our overall health. Bu how about bacterias on our skin?

Let’s first start with the simple facts. Bacterias are one thing but what are probiotics or prebiotics. Gallinee’s site explains probiotics as, these are live micro-organisms that keep your body healthy. You can also call them “good bacteria”. The ones we use in our products are from the Lactobacillus family, and have been gently deactivated by heat. Usually seen in yoghurt and fermented food, lactobacillus is the most common probiotic. It is also one of the healthiest. It strengthens the skin microbiome and provides relief for various sensitive skin conditions.

Whereas prebiotics are any kinds of ingredients that are excellent food sources for the good bacteria. They are great for recalibrating the microbiome and fortifying the skin’s beneficial microflora, promoting healthier skin. Gallinee products have a lot of them, with the goal of feeding the good bacteria that already live on your skin and in your own bacterial ecosystem. 

My review

The microbiome is the name for all good bacteria and microorganisms that live in harmony on and in our body. They are an extension of our selves; they play a protective role and are an integral part of the barrier function of our skin. However, too often, these good bacteria are damaged by modern lifestyles, pollution and overuse of antibacterial products and detergents. This can lead to dry, irritated and stressed sensitive skin. I am sure we have all been there? That’s why Gallinee’s products with good bacterias come into play and take care of our skin, protecting its microbiome, like no other cream or product can. 

And there’s an incredible french doctor behind all this. I was lucky enough to meet Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinee, and instantly grew appreciation towards her knowledge and the brand. You can find out more about the brand and her on here. I was given couple of the products to try with no obligation to post or write this review. But here I am writing a blog post about it, because it has really changed the way my skin looks.

I have been using Gallinee’s products probably since October last year, and I can say I have definitely seen a positive change on my face and my break outs have definitely diminished. The products do not have a fake chemical scent, like almost all the products out there with a expensive price tag. Gallinee’s products are almost all (98%) natural, and they are very transparent about the ingredients they use on the products.

I am currently using two of products from their range, the face toner to start and end my day, which is called the “face vinegar”. I could really see that it moisturises my face and leave a beautiful shine afterwards. It is definitely my go to toner!

Twice a week I use the face mask and scrub. It is really awesome because it also works as an exfoliator and it doesn’t have any of the nasties like parabens, or silicons but all natural ingredients. Leaves my skin so soft, I don’t even need to put a cream on afterwards.

It is important that we reward our skin and take good care of it! And the products don’t have to have an expensive price tag for that, the natural ingredients and the good bacterias are more than enough! Couldn’t recommend Gallinee more than enough to you guys! Also keep an eye because soon they’ll be launching a new line!