I have always been interested in styling hair and hair products. Because unfortunately I was not born lucky with my frizzy messy untamed hair. Due to this, since I am 10 I was in search of a product that would tame my hair, and reduce the time I spent after each shower (as it used to take up to 2 hours just to straighten my hair).

I have lots and lots of hair, and imagine having each hair frizzy and curly and tangled. It was nightmare! 10 years ago thanks to my best friend I have been introduced to the wonders of ghd stylers. Having usually spending up to 2 hours to straighten my hair, I was shocked to see with ghd, it was only a matter of 15-20 minutes. As you can imagine I got hooked 🙂 Since then I never spend a week apart from my ghd products.

10 years and my ghd styler still doing incredibly fine. Was well worth all the money I invested in. However the copper collection is especially special for me, as the copper colour is one my favs! The styler is absolutely gorgeous and I felt like it is about time I get myself a little treat 🙂

The nice thing about these straighteners is that you can both straighten or curl your hair without damaging it! It is so soft, it almost feels like it is sliding on your hair.

This is my hair without any product or any styling (horrible I know!)

In this picture I straighten my hair with the ghd styler.


In this picture I curled the ends of my hair with the ghd styler.


I am absolutely in love with my ghd Copper Luxe V Gold styler, it is dream come true. The bag makes it so easy to carry around, and it heats up so fast, perfect for people who have a lot of hair and are always in a hurry 🙂 and it would be the perfect Christmas present for the loved ones, or even for yourself <3